Cities Introduce Ultra Low Emission Zones

Many major cities across the globe are introducing ultra-low emission zones or ULEZ. There are different types of ULEZ zones, the most common is a charging zone. In a charging zone there is cost for using your car in the zone if you are in a car that meets specific standards. These standards are extremely […]

Amazon Fires: How bad is it?

These forest fires, which have recently broken out, have been the most intense flames in a decade. It has dreadfully affected a lot of the northern states in Brasil and the border between Bolivia. The fires have swarmed the countries’ tropical forests and savannah. Official statistics have recorded more than 87 000 forest fires in […]

Climate Change: Greenland

Greenland’s massive ice sheet has melted by a record amount this year. It has lost enough ice to raise the average global sea levels by over a millimetre. Scientists and researchers say they are anxiously astounded by how quickly ice has melted this year; they, therefore, worry about the effects it would have on the […]

Coral bleaching

Incredibly large amounts of coral have died in recent years, this is due to a process known as coral bleaching. But how does coral bleaching happen? How does it affect ecosystems? And how can this be prevented? Coral bleaching is a process in which the algae on corals become ‘stressed’ and leaves the coral, this […]

Heatwaves are 30 times more likely in the UK

After Summer 2018 Met Office studies have shown the record-breaking heat in Summer 2018 made a heatwave 30 times more likely in the UK, because of emissions from human activity. In Summer 2018, temperature was up to 35.6°C!! This extreme temperature is tied with 1976, 2003 and for being the warmest year in the UK! […]