Marine Biologist

Salary $35 000 – $80 000  (average $62 000) Working hours Minimum of 8 working hours, usually 10 though and when on field trips up to 15 working hours. Travel Quite a lot of travel, about 2-3 months of field trips that can be abroad. Environment Laboratory or at sea Currently employed in the UK […]

Aerospace Engineer

Salary $88,700 to $135,200 Work Hours Full Time Responsibilities Your main tasks would be to recomend cost strategies, help design rockets and planes and design and manufacture pieces for the construction. Requirements Pre-employment background testing — One-year trial period. Qualifications: 4 Highers A-Grade Including Maths and Physics. 1 Higher B-Grade


The average salary for a Microbiologist is about £37,800 and there are over 10000 employed in Scotland, mainly working in labs with some travel. Average working hours are 9am to 5pm. What would you do You would study micro-organisms and your work can be used to prevent diseases, make medicine or grow food. you could […]