Voices of the Past

3000 Year Old Mummy Speaks Again At the Royal Holloway University of London, a team of researchers have been working of a project called ‘voices of the past’. A project which aims at recreating voices of well preserved individuals. Scanning The Body They have been using non-destructive CT scans to build a 3D model of […]

Cities Introduce Ultra Low Emission Zones

Many major cities across the globe are introducing ultra-low emission zones or ULEZ. There are different types of ULEZ zones, the most common is a charging zone. In a charging zone there is cost for using your car in the zone if you are in a car that meets specific standards. These standards are extremely […]

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms make mathematical models based on data to make decisions and predictions. The adaptability of machine learning makes it useful for tasks when conventional algorithms would not be suitable. There are many types of machine learning some include supervised learning, semi-supervised learning and unsupervised learning. […]

Marine Microbes

Marine microorganisms are organisms to small to be seen by the naked eye and live in the marine habitat, they make up 70% of the biomass in the sea and are responsible for almost all photosynthesis in the sea. These organisms are icredible diverse, they include: viruses, bacterie, archaea, microalgae, fungi and micro animals. Prokaryotes […]

Our Solar System

Our solar system is a small group of objects orbiting our star the sun. It is locared in the galaxy called the milky way. Earth is unique in the way that it is the only planet known to harbour life. This life is possible because of the abundance of liquid water. Scientists believe that the […]

Aerospace Engineer

Salary $88,700 to $135,200 Work Hours Full Time Responsibilities Your main tasks would be to recomend cost strategies, help design rockets and planes and design and manufacture pieces for the construction. Requirements Pre-employment background testing — One-year trial period. Qualifications: 4 Highers A-Grade Including Maths and Physics. 1 Higher B-Grade

InSite – The Newest Mars Probe

InSite is a static lander, which landed on the 26th of November 2018. It landed on the Elysium Planitia, which is just a large desolate plain with looser surface material and is probably the most boring place on Mars but has good ground contact. However it isn’t east getting stuff to mars there is only […]

Black Holes

Black holes are certainly the most unknown ‘things’ in the universe. Despite this we still do know somethings like, at the centre of the milky way is a supermassive black hole and that they have very strong gravity. How they are created In a star, radiation pushes agains gravity, when there is fusion in the […]

Space – An Introduction

You hear about space all the time, but what actually is space? Space is a vacuum, some where there is nothing, but within space there are different things, but they are tiny compared to the vast size of space. You might have looked into it and seen it full of stars and planets, but they […]