The Corona Virus

What Is The Corona Virus? The corona virus that we are talking about is only one of serval known strands of corona virus. The virus has been named “corona” because of the fact that if you look at it through a microscope, it has lots of spikes on it making look like it has a […]


Unlike humans, sharks do not have bones. Instead they have a rubbery substance called cartilage. They also have very good eyesight which allows them to see in the dark and also see colours as we do. A sharks skin feels very similar to sand paper, this is because it has tiny scales all pointing towards […]


Orcas or killer whales are apex predators (at the top of the food chain), this means that no animal other than humans can hunt them. they feed on almost anything that they can find in the sea such as: sea birds, sharks, turtles, squid and other orcas. One orca found in Canada was even found […]

A Red Giant star


Stars are created in huge dust clouds called nebulae. Then over the span of thousands of years. gravity causes small pockets of matter inside the nebulae to collapse. One of the masses inside of the nebulae is called a protostar. As the protostar shrinks, it spins faster and builds in pressure. Millions of years after […]