The Corona Virus

What Is The Corona Virus? The corona virus that we are talking about is only one of serval known strands of corona virus. The virus has been named “corona” because of the fact that if you look at it through a microscope, it has lots of spikes on it making look like it has a […]

New Catalyst Made to Increase Hydrogen Production

A way to create hydrogen using a newly created catalyst should make it cheaper and easier this was created by the scientists at the department of energy’s SLAC National accelerator laboratory and Stanford university. They have tested the catalyst for ten weeks and believe that it can withstand the public scrutiny. this catalyst helps break […]


The average salary for a Microbiologist is about £37,800 and there are over 10000 employed in Scotland, mainly working in labs with some travel. Average working hours are 9am to 5pm. What would you do You would study micro-organisms and your work can be used to prevent diseases, make medicine or grow food. you could […]