What is a drone:A drone is any unmanned vehicle, that can be controlled by humans. People normally think drones are always based on helicopter designs. However automated land vehicles and automated underwater submarines also count as drones. The word drone originated from the military. RQ-4 Global Hawk:A famous drone is the RQ-4 Global Hawk it […]

Coral bleaching

Incredibly large amounts of coral have died in recent years, this is due to a process known as coral bleaching. But how does coral bleaching happen? How does it affect ecosystems? And how can this be prevented? Coral bleaching is a process in which the algae on corals become ‘stressed’ and leaves the coral, this […]

Asteroids and Meteors

An asteroid belt is a ring of rocks. The rocks are called asteroids. There is an asteroid belt situated between Jupiter and Mars. It looks a like a torus and has over 200 asteroids that are larger than 100km in diameter. There are between 1 and 2 million asteroids larger than 1 km in diameter […]

Ocean Fishing

Fish are a major source of food. A healthy balanced diet contains 2 (140g) portions of fish a week. But where does all this fish come from? Roughly 70% – 80% of the seafood eaten in the UK is imported from abroad. But the rest is fished in our local seas. How does fishing work? […]

Marine Biologist

Salary $35 000 – $80 000  (average $62 000) Working hours Minimum of 8 working hours, usually 10 though and when on field trips up to 15 working hours. Travel Quite a lot of travel, about 2-3 months of field trips that can be abroad. Environment Laboratory or at sea Currently employed in the UK […]