The Corona Virus

What Is The Corona Virus?

The corona virus that we are talking about is only one of serval known strands of corona virus. The virus has been named “corona” because of the fact that if you look at it through a microscope, it has lots of spikes on it making look like it has a crown  

Where It Started

The virus started in a market in a Chinese city called Wuhan (population – 11million) the market is called “wet market” the way we know this is because the first few cases of the corona virus was found in people who all recently had connections with the market. Scientists think that the virus originally was in bats because of the fact that the viruses genetic sequence was 99.98% similar to bats. It is not known yet bus scientists suspect that another animal acted as a host in order to spread from bats to humans as there were no bats in the wet market in Wuhan.

Symptoms Of The Corona Virus

Fever, fatigue, dry cough, headaches, body aches shortness of breath chills are the early symptoms it is very hard to spot as it is not that different from other coronaviruses. They are very similar to the symptoms of flu. However it can also get worse if it spreads to the lower respiratory it might cause pneumonia. This is more likely to happen to older people and people already struggling with a weakened immune system. This is how it is killing people as their immune system is struggling with other infections it cannot deal with it. The virus is an airborne virus so this means it is spread by coughing, sneezing and can be picked up by touching something that has been coughed or sneezed on by someone with it. The virus is very easily spread. Currently there is no vaccine for the virus as it is relatively new and scientists have not had time to make one yet. It should be treated like a cold as it has very similar symptoms. 

The Governments Response

The UK government is  offering to bring back everyone with a British passport from Wuhan  with flights containing medical equipment and doctors to keep the people safe while they are on the plane and to make sure that if one person on the plane has the virus, they don’t spread it to everyone else on the plane. When the people return from Wuhan they are immediately taken to an isolated quarantine for at least two weeks as this is the incubation time. This means the government can be sure that they don’t have the virus. For the people that were already in the country and have the coronavirus they are also put into quarantine and in some countries anybody that has been around them is asked to self-quarantine. All of this is done while in china hospitals are being built for the infected to be treated and specialised people are being sent from around the world to help contain the virus. Not just that but massive amounts of money is being put to research to help develop vaccines.    

Post Author: Kenny Webb