Unlike humans, sharks do not have bones. Instead they have a rubbery substance called cartilage. They also have very good eyesight which allows them to see in the dark and also see colours as we do. A sharks skin feels very similar to sand paper, this is because it has tiny scales all pointing towards its tail so if you stroke it from its tail to its head, it will feel very gritty like sand paper but if you stroke it from its head down to its tail it will feel smooth. the reason for the sharks having scales like this is all down to water resistance and reducing the friction from the surrounding water.

A shark’s incredible senses can also help it hunt. Its sense of smell can allow it to sense a single drop of blood in an Olympic sized pool. the shark will also be able to know which nostril picked up the sent first allowing it to turn in the direction and start looking for its prey. Most sharks hunt at night because there is less light so its prey wont be able to see it coming. Each species of shark varies with its diet but they mostly eat fish, molluscs, crustaceans, dolphins, seals, sea lions, tuna, mackerel, and some even eat sea birds.

Post Author: Kenny Webb