New Catalyst Made to Increase Hydrogen Production

A way to create hydrogen using a newly created catalyst should make it cheaper and easier this was created by the scientists at the department of energy’s SLAC National accelerator laboratory and Stanford university. They have tested the catalyst for ten weeks and believe that it can withstand the public scrutiny. this catalyst helps break down water into hydrogen and oxygen. This will create the hydrogen for uses in fuel ,fertiliser  and making chemicals this clean cheap way to extract hydrogen this production should be powered of renewable energy. This catalyst is a cobalt phosphide nano particles placed on carbon to form a fine black powder. This catalyst has undergone a test that has lasted 1700 hours about 10 weeks and the substance has showed no sign of slowing down. This has made the scientist believe it could be a good catalyst to make hydrogen cheaply. Instead of the expensive way using platinum as the catalyst.

This is very important as hydrogen is quite expensive at the moment so not much is being used for possible uses but with it being made cheaper so more available for the general public to use.

However this is only the start they have to be able to scale it up easily and make it more effective as it is still not at the level that platinum can do it and they have to figure a way to use it effectively in a machine. This is encouraging the team and the scientists at Nel hydrogen in Connecticut the worlds biggest and oldest manufacturer of electrolyzer equipment. This company was surprised that it held up to the challenging conditions that it had to deal with and also said that it was very constant a good sign for the future of hydrogen power. There is still a lot of work to go untill it will make it to becoming a part of hydrogen making. That is if it gets there.

Post Author: Jamie Gatherar