Orcas or killer whales are apex predators (at the top of the food chain), this means that no animal other than humans can hunt them. they feed on almost anything that they can find in the sea such as: sea birds, sharks, turtles, squid and other orcas. One orca found in Canada was even found to have an entire moose in its stomach. They have a variety of teqchniques to catch their prey for example, when they want to catch seals they are known to “jump” out of the water and beach themselves on the land where the seals are living. Once they catch a seal they will roll themselves back into the water carrying the unlucky seal with it. Orcas are one of the fastest marine mammals in the world travveling at up to 30 knots, 34mph or 56kph.

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The orcas live in pods of up to 40 members. In a pod, everyone helps each other hunt and care for the young and old. A female will give birth every 3 to 10 years and have only 1 calf. the calf will be around 2.6 metres long, but grow to be an adult at 9.8 metres. Orcas communicate using echolocaition (like a dolphin because it is a dolphin).

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