Marine Biologist

Salary $35 000 – $80 000  (average $62 000)
Working hours Minimum of 8 working hours, usually 10 though and when on field trips up to 15 working hours.
Travel Quite a lot of travel, about 2-3 months of field trips that can be abroad.
Environment Laboratory or at sea
Currently employed in the UK 13 000 (approx.)
Qualifications You need at least a bachelors degree in marine biology, many positions require doctoral degrees and masters degrees. Subjects to pick at school if you want to be a marine biologist include all 3 sciences and maths.
What do you actually do About 2-3 months of the year is spent away from home on field study trips. The rest of the year is spent analysing the data and publishing it. Also it’s spent studying marine life and it’s behaviour.
A diver examining coral

Post Author: Daniel McKean