Space – An Introduction

You hear about space all the time, but what actually is space? Space is a vacuum, some where there is nothing, but within space there are different things, but they are tiny compared to the vast size of space. You might have looked into it and seen it full of stars and planets, but they are light years apart and between them is just nothing. However it is not nothing it is lots of ‘imaginary particles appearing colliding with there anti particles and disappearing.

The Starry Night Sky

When people talk about space, they mean what is in space, and how we are trying to learn more about our universe. We as a race are very curious always questioning and trying to find out more so obviously since ancient times are eyes have been drawn up to the night sky to admire the wonderful display above us, but we are past that now. Now we are trying to reach other planets and build better spaceships to get there faster and even have prospects of living on other planets. However, the biggest question we are asking is will we ever find other life or are we alone in this massive universe?

The Milky Way, a Flat Spiral Galaxy

Post Author: Thomas Simpson