Heatwaves are 30 times more likely in the UK

After Summer 2018

Met Office studies have shown the record-breaking heat in Summer 2018 made a heatwave 30 times more likely in the UK, because of emissions from human activity.

In Summer 2018, temperature was up to 35.6°C!! This extreme temperature is tied with 1976, 2003 and for being the warmest year in the UK!

Fortunately, researchers can now analyse data in a simulation with or without the impact of fossil fuel emission.

“if we look over many centuries, we can see that the summer of 2018 was a very rare event before the industrial revolution when we started pumping out greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.”

Prof Peter Stott, Met Office

Research has also shown that Summer in the UK could be over 5°C warmer by 2070 and by 2050 the chances of having another Summer 2018 are around 50%.

A warmer world means rising sea levels, so by 2100 the sea levels in London could increase by 1.5 metres, and by 2800 up to 1.2 million homes may be at increased risk of flooding.

Post Author: Han Yeo